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2022-03-22 23:47:37
Heres 5 to start you of for the cool speedy Gonzales pik was my favourite as a child roadrunner was class too 😂💯✌have a great Sunday
2022-03-06 08:43:38
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Jared Leto is not the guy I'd picked for Morbius. But I'll give it a shot!
2022-05-15 04:17:00
This movies is atrocious, almost as bad as the Dukes of Hazzard. So bad, it made my eyes hurt.
2022-05-15 04:13:18
Nice, I see what you did there. But you're about 35+ yrs off! :_:-)
2022-05-11 02:05:35
Good show.
2022-05-06 02:33:43
Man either they use real good makeup artist or Teresa Palmer has let herself go. She is definitely out of the spank bank! :_:-)
2022-05-06 02:31:50
Guest-3604 , I mean Kathleen 35 -40 years ago? :_eyes
2022-05-05 01:43:27
Guest-7469, Hater going to hate. IDGAF! :_:-)
2022-05-05 01:41:26
Guest-2569, Really? THen explain all the Dem/libs running around on these crime sprees! Stick the movie agenda not politics!
2022-05-05 01:33:32
If Sophie gets totally nude I'd watch it. Not that brief stuff, but like actually nude! :_:-@
2022-05-03 03:32:49
Nice upload, a fuq'n Classic! Many careers made from this movie!
2022-04-24 01:59:25
Imagine that, people have different views than you! Also, Tom Holland is the best Spiderman yet. Mark Walberg is an ok actor, I've many worse.
2022-04-23 03:38:54
Horrible movie, even with that said. Thx Uploader! Jake Gyllenhaal's back is too broken!
2022-04-22 04:22:24
As much as I dislike Ben, he was the better Batman. And Tom turned out to be the best Spiderman.
2022-04-20 02:23:59
Wow, Natasha Henstridge, Stacey Dash, Kristin Minter! I'm definitely watching this! Stacey and Natasha Henstridge are nice looking women for their ages especially! Thx Uploader! :_:-@
2022-04-20 02:11:06
Guest-4280, Your come back everything is call them a 'Troll'. But the quality is garbage and definitely not 1080p. I downloaded the 1080 and 4k. The 4k is a better improvement. As for the quality of the actual movie it sucks! Patterson suck...
2022-04-20 01:57:58
Wow, you have a certain agenda and your going to keep blasting at it! But the fact of the matter is, 99% of us doesn't know what it is, nor care! :_:(
2022-04-20 01:51:09
Guest-2512, You're comic relief! You should, follow your own advice! "Rethink what you SHOULD be worried about".
2022-04-18 00:28:09
These screenshots are almost as bad as the :_:(Cast.. Horrible.
2022-04-18 00:24:04
Michelle Obama wrestles with the expectations and dangers that Barack and their children face as the first Black family to live in the White House. WTF? Viola Davis is too good of an actress to play Manchel. :_:-(
2022-04-17 14:45:07
Its carny food! Elephant Ears and funnels cakes. :_:-)
2022-04-13 18:45:04
Leslie Mann still rocking it! :_:-@
2022-04-13 18:40:35
Yep, she is a long way from the girl next door! Or 24.
2022-04-13 18:39:20
Yes, because the police always set up the lessor men....D A F! :_:-(
2022-04-13 18:30:23
40-Year Old Virgin was funny, Leslie Mann killed it. But Knocked Up was horrible! :_:P
2022-04-03 20:54:43
Guest-1092, Like your agenda? :_facepalm
2022-03-22 01:57:00
TDS, is still a thing. WOW! Some people's children are going to grow up even more deranged than their parents! :_:-):_facepalm FJB!
2022-03-22 01:51:09
Sheeez, I have a disturbing experience about every time, I walk in my neighborhood. Especially at night! :_:-(
2022-03-18 02:20:46
Guest-2096. Lets be real brah. The only lure this flick has is Tony Todd. And he doesn't even look that thrilled..:_:-)
2022-03-05 01:21:12
Also how they're all staring at nothing! :_:D
2022-03-05 01:17:15
2022-03-01 00:11:03

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TDS, is still a thing. WOW! Some people's children are going to grow up even more deranged than their parents! :_:-):_facepalm FJB!
2022-03-22 13:18:11
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So another Femme-Nazi movie! Cool, so where are these Femzies at when the born as males, transathletes are destroying Women's sports?
If you want to watch a real Woman scorned movie(s). I suggest, I spit on your Grave. There are at least 3 of them.. Also much better than this :_shit!
2022-03-06 09:50:59
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by Acr250rider:_male:
    on 2022-01-23 02:13:07
Even, if you never played the video game series, this show is good..
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by mcn77:_male:
    on 2022-03-06 08:45:51
:_B)CastleVania and the Witcher are great shows agreed
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