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Thanks :)
2022-05-22 12:50:58
hope you feel better you'll be fine :)
2022-05-15 13:52:52
Comment recovery
2022-03-12 04:56:03
+5 for surviving..... your accidental chatroom encounter :p
2020-06-12 02:18:43
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I truly believe in a better world which, by all means, embraces the concept of large(r) cheerleaders. It's so right!:_:)
2022-05-14 03:49:50
You mean, all the workers that appear on that 5 min long credits WHO ARE BEING RIPPED OFF BY BOTH DETRACTORS AND APOLOGISTS, SUCH AS YOURSELF? Okey-dokey, Guest-3673!
2022-05-05 15:01:09
It's really an Age of Marvels! I can't wait to see what's in store for us comic book geeks who wasted... I mean spent their childhoods and early teens reading such enlightening, smart and avant-garde literature about gods, mutants and ...
2022-05-04 13:34:55
I love my "lesbian agenda" movie, many spanks for this! Unfortunately, Karen Gillan is not in this one...:_:(:_facepalm
2022-04-29 13:41:11
Excellent! Julia Gardner is on fire in a cast oozing with talent and unforgettable moments! I'm gonna miss this. :_:(
2022-04-29 13:38:04
What do you mean Karen, Guest2687? Is Karen Gillan in it? Really? Oh my God, many spanks for this one too, original uploader!:_;)
2022-04-27 13:18:31
Many MANY SPANKS for this, GlaxyRG! Another great release with, hopefully, Karen Gillan in it! I mean, Karen Gillan IS in it, isn't she?:_:O
2022-04-27 13:14:19
Thank you for the assist, Spy1984! And is pdf too, universally acclaimed to help bring knowledge to the farthest corners of the Earth! :_:):_:)
2022-04-25 15:09:06
A true to form B (or should I say "Zom B") classic, this one's got it all: punks, The Cramps, autopsies, cemetery strip dances, Linnea Quigley, strange mists, even stranger cannisters and, of course, THE DEAD WALK! Lots of fun with Dan...
2022-04-14 14:06:51
:_:-@See, friend? I would upvote this comment, but for some mysterious reason, TGx doesn't let me! So consider yourself upvoted!!! :_love:_:-@:_love:_:-@:_B)
2022-04-07 14:19:01
Also, Karen Gillan is in it, man! Karen Gillan!!!
2022-04-01 22:23:14
OMFG!! I don't care as long as Karen Gillan is in it!!
2022-04-01 22:21:52
What's keeping them from making a Sailor Moon live action series? I hope it will feature Moon Blood Good and OST by Keith Moon, all with the blessings of Reverend Moon!:_:D:_facepalm
2022-03-31 23:14:23
Many spanks, Guests, for your presence! Your anonymous presence here enriches the experience, and there are no real owners here, since it's all about IP stealing. Come back always!:_boom:_boom:_:P:_boom:_boom:_musicalnote:_musicalnote:_pacman:_m...
2022-03-29 21:33:20
"The Exorcism of An Entire Subgenre", starring Nicholas Roberts and Eric Cage. Two old farting has-beens stumble on a stash of movie scripts and set out to kidnap as much wanna-be movie makers as they possibly can before Night of Walpurgis ...
2022-03-15 14:05:47
I need spoilers! SPOILERS, please? Thanks!
2022-03-11 21:36:39
Many spanks! I love this show, I would be paying to watch it if not for my cunt-ry being invaded by imperialism.
2022-03-03 21:31:12
whenever I bike those haunted trails in the wiloderness down under, I always carry my GPS, motorhome fully supplied with food and clean water, a helicopter scout and my trustworthy dingo, Angus. This kind of misfortune would never befall me!:_B)
2022-03-01 22:30:57
I'm only posting this to say keep the downvote button, please. It's a genuine way of knowing how shitty people can (AND WILL) be to others, also providing a much needed insight on things I could be led to waste my time into. I'll downl...
2022-02-11 20:21:40
These ghosts are actually the cast of Netflix's Ozark, that show's bodycount is getting higher and higher.
2022-02-04 10:34:48
So accurate, so precise... it could only come from one of us!:_facepalm... C'mon, I gotta fresh Indica down here, and mom's out with her new boyfriend. You can sleep by the staircase and leave tomorrow early, friend!
2022-01-30 02:35:02
So it's a documentary, actually?
2022-01-28 13:14:30
If it is anywhere as batshit insane as "At The Mountains Of Madness", we'll never be able to see the final frame, otherwise we'd be driven insanely mad and our hair would turn white.
2022-01-14 21:44:11
This could easily be the real story on how many of your parents met.:_love:_eggplant
2022-01-14 21:40:01
This is by far one of Guest-7985's, Guest-6830's and Legion's favorite vampire movie.
2022-01-13 14:17:00
"God Is Not Dead, We The People Are", I fixed it for 'ya! Y'all welcome!:_:-*
2021-11-23 15:07:05
Finally! Thanks in advance, no matter how pisspoor this ios gonna be. Gonna come back here and review it.
2021-11-19 12:56:53
It's really enlightenin to read so many deeply thought out reviews (not of the movie, but of communism) in a website dedicated to rip people off of their IPs! I'm so relieved that what I've been doing is not at all related to communism...
2021-11-14 13:41:20

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Thank you.:_love
2022-05-14 12:22:51
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Great another RACIST commenter, just what we get :_facepalm
2022-03-11 19:56:21
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