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Thanks :)
2021-12-07 20:43:53
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Some writers/producers/filmmakers simply try way too hard to be "woke." This film brought absolutely nothing to the table in terms of "woke enlightenment." I'm biracial and my wife is Javanese...this film is an embarrassment ...
2022-08-03 19:10:04
Love the classics! Thanks!
2022-07-12 14:50:26
I scrolled down to see if anyone posted "leftist-woke-mob-white-racism" comments. Let's see if my post gets em' riled up. :_joystick
2022-07-07 13:51:27
I can't name one billionaire inventor off the top of my mind that was or is bl...oh! Never mind.
2022-07-07 13:41:02
I wake up every morning...and sleep on the left side of the I literally get "woke" on the left. Does that make me a part of the "liberal agenda?" :_ass
2022-07-07 13:37:21
Though I knew nothing good could come from yet another Jurassic movie, I decided to risk adding a few more wrinkles to my face from the cringe. Jurassic World Dominion is being billed as the “Conclusion of the Jurassic Era,” and that will cert...
2022-07-06 10:07:06
We're all supposed to be here for the free sharing of content (whatever that content may be), so why do some people have to turn the site's comment section into a debate zone? Spank Guy, on the other hand, is the most awesome ever! :_ass
2022-07-03 18:19:40
Pretty cool flick if you're into Sci-Fi and imagining being stuck in outer space while humanity is killed off by a natural disaster.
2022-07-01 20:17:45
Love your work. However, I have one tiny issue with this particular version. The keys are provided but the program also asks for a name. There is no name provided in the .txt file...and I tried all sorts of variables hoping to get lucky.
2022-06-22 17:27:25
Can't wait for the non-CAM version of this...until then, I won't even ruin it for myself as I've done in the past with Batman. :_:D
2022-06-21 18:46:02
Short and's a fairly decent science-fiction body horror flick. I especially like this genre, so it was nice to see something like this. Thanks for the upload, as always!
2022-06-21 18:44:15
Thanks for this upload. Been waiting for this since I first saw the CAM version come out. Just waiting for Top Gun next month! Can't wait!
2022-06-21 18:40:46
Giving people "spanks" for uploads sounds like the spanker should visit the XXX section for some real hanky spanky. :_8)
2022-05-10 23:34:05
While this movie copies from the cookie cutter "covert mission," it's an okay film to watch, especially considering the steady stream of crap we've had to endure over the months.
2022-04-02 09:32:11
There is one problem with your builds: my wife gets mad at my data use because I have to try all of them. Thanks! :_:-)
2022-04-01 22:06:42
Dude! Love this! I was trying the official Windows 11 that came with my "gaming" laptop, but to put it mildly, it sucks ass. So, being a Linux user as well, I decided to look up custom Windows 10 builds...then came here once my Google searc...
2022-04-01 22:04:54
Decent first episode. I guess the television series have to make up for the crappy movies that have been coming out. :_:D
2022-04-01 21:42:25
Thanks! Appreciate the hard work and dedication of Torrent Galaxy! :_:-*
2022-04-01 21:40:47
Thanks for the upload! V8 A9 - which is good considering the size. :_love
2022-04-01 21:39:47
This is a fairly good TV horror series. Worth the watch. Thanks for the upload! :_boom
2022-04-01 21:38:08
Thanks for the upload!
2022-03-23 21:52:20
Been waiting for this since I saw the preview on YouTube last year sometime. Thanks for the upload! :_love
2022-03-15 19:52:28
Just started watching this. I'm impressed by the's worth downloading the larger size. :_love:_love:_love:_boom:_boom:_boom
2022-03-06 03:22:31
Funny enough...I guess.
2022-01-05 21:46:42
Thanks! Couldn't wait until the next episode came out...this is my fix until The Mandalorian returns.
2022-01-05 18:34:57
This was a great find! I love this show.
2022-01-05 18:32:10
You are so awesome for this upload @GalaxyRG! Thanks very, very much! :_boom:_boom:_boom
2022-01-04 09:24:04
Dexter if he'd been raised in a trailer park.
2022-01-04 09:22:38
A movie that actually managed 2 stars this week? Come on New Year! Bring us that heat!
2022-01-01 11:42:50
How dare they know humanity is on its last leg when crack heads start producing movies.
2022-01-01 11:40:57

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happy uploading mate.....
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