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All this movement from Hollywood to push "gay and afro americans "into the movies and series is getting to much , I think in any single new TV show it must have gays all over the place !!! I'm not against them but too much is too much
2022-06-02 14:10:32
I love SyFy but this is more than I can take! I did not like it at all
2022-05-21 14:30:03
Worst Batman Movie I have seen !!!
2022-04-20 01:45:37
Thank Galaxy very much
2022-04-17 23:36:43
Do you think this is funny? most of the members of this forum do not think so
2022-04-17 17:51:25
The trailer of the move is here and does not look good at all
2022-04-06 14:37:16
Little bit slow for my taste, but if you have time watch it
2022-04-03 23:15:05
good movie for a change :_:D
2022-04-03 16:28:13
Did not like it sorry
2022-03-26 01:02:19
If you like majority of the runtime ice skating watch this
2022-03-18 13:57:50
I would say a very good movie to watch
2022-03-14 14:35:14
Thank you GalaxyRG Very nice movie
2022-03-11 14:35:16
Not the best Dumas movie I seen!
2022-03-08 01:08:47
Good movie thanks
2022-03-07 17:20:32
Thanks this is a good movie .. Thanks again
2022-03-05 19:09:59
A low-budget action movie, and Miller doesn't deliver anything more than that, going painfully generic with shootouts and showdowns, often caught skipping on storytelling clarity as this nonsense unfolds. Brian Ornodorf
2022-03-04 15:08:58
Looking all around for the subtitles so far no luck
2022-02-25 16:15:21
Little slow for my taste but thanks any way
2022-02-18 15:36:29
I love all the books by Lee Child , and at least this is a character that looks like Reacher and not a fancy boy like Tom The Killing Floor is the first novel in the series and is very very close to the novel this TV adaptation
2022-02-08 03:16:22
Real wired movie I did not like it
2022-02-07 16:33:39
does any one can give me a hint of where to find the subtitles for this
2022-01-08 01:06:16
Is this really bad? give some honest answer please
2021-12-30 01:31:53
very nice for a cam movie !! and you can download the subtitles
2021-12-22 17:02:40
Thanks and Marry Christmas for you all
2021-12-18 23:33:14
is it any good ? or a waist of time?
2021-12-17 15:07:04
Pot sex tequila and woodstock :_B)
2021-12-03 17:13:12
A real bad cheap movie
2021-11-24 14:49:25
As far as I can see in the IMDb Page Erich Roberts is not on the movie in the cast list :_help
2021-11-20 18:27:38

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The next 007 movie is going to be with a black lady ???
2021-11-17 18:13:11
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