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Thanks a lot.
2022-07-19 15:40:58
Hey Thanks for that :)
2022-07-07 13:43:51
2022-07-07 10:54:05
2022-07-05 22:49:32
For reviewing a mutual enemy lol
2022-07-05 00:22:45
Thank you for working on tgx...
2022-06-29 20:46:33
Thank you so much sweetie for being so thoughtful and kind :) i am super well and really hope you are too :) have a wonderful Friday xx
2022-06-24 08:54:25
5 Points for your medical breakthrough good news post. I dont follow News anymore as it is mostly bad news so good of you to inform us all of this medical marvel. A+
2022-06-16 20:31:29
Thanks for Support.
2022-06-11 09:38:39
Thank you for all you do here at TG sweetie :) so very grateful :) xx
2022-06-10 07:52:51
great review on hustle =)
2022-06-08 20:23:20
If you give me points i must repay you with extra points! Have a great day.
2022-05-30 18:39:30
Oh my bad, I totally missed it, congrats on becoming Trusted by the way, or may be I always saw you in blue :) Anyways, have a great week ahead :) ☀️ 🎉 🍓
2022-05-29 22:48:41
📽 Have A Good Weekend 📽
2022-05-29 14:37:25
Ahhh welcome new Trusted user ;) Just teasin'!:) Hi, I like your avatar, and your forum posts are very informative & tbh I learned a thing or two as well!:) Much appreciated! Wish I had the time to spend in there like the old days,tbh, to many "honeydont's" lol j/k:) Hope you have a great week!:
2022-05-29 11:27:30
Thanks for keeping the forums interesting + extra points for mentioning deep fakes.
2022-05-26 05:35:32
For continuing contribution to TGx
2022-05-25 06:05:06
Thanks :)
2022-05-23 13:46:38
Have a good week.
2022-05-10 22:59:59
Thxs for the likes, plz enjoy more points!
2022-05-03 02:14:59
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Thanks! Enjoyed two episodes/week but back to just 1 til season (and series) finale. :_facepalm
2022-07-05 08:02:31
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck did something similar with Good Will Hunting before they were known :_:):_:):_:) Thanks uploader
2022-07-05 08:00:12
+1 would love see reviews/people posting about the movies. But thats not an admin issue its a user issue. People seem to enjoy some drama more for instant kicks/distractions thats seen everywhere in society lol
2022-07-03 02:27:58
Not really feeling the show after zapping thru first two episodes. Screenwriters are pretty unknown people with some few unknown shows before this. The Director from the Boys(2019+2010), Person of Interest and other known shows did episode 3+7 so may...
2022-07-01 06:19:35
2022-06-27 07:07:06
Thanks TGxTV :) This has been a really neat season so far! :_ghost
2022-06-27 07:05:44
Seems like a very good, thought-provoking movie, thanks! :_love
2022-06-21 16:11:00
Thx for uploading! Cronenberg has lost his touch in this absolute bore of a film Well, that was a complete waste of my time. Talk about a movie that is equally as weird as it is boring. There is so much going on, yet nothing is happening at the...
2022-06-21 14:52:15
Really enjoyed this first episode!
2022-06-20 11:07:19
Getting some mixed reviews by imdb external reviewers, here is one of the better ones: Blowback is a decently entertaining action-thriller in the heist and revenge categories. It has some good ideas, some new ideas, and a bit of run-of-the-mill id...
2022-06-17 08:58:29
Thx! Imdb user gave it 5/10: The basis for the film is a George Saunders short story originally published in The New Yorker entitled, "Escape from Spiderhead". It has been adapted for the screen by DEADPOOL and ZOMBIELAND co-writers R...
2022-06-17 08:54:16
Thanks! [torrent=14902079]
2022-06-17 08:47:15
Thx! We have E02 already also! :_8)
2022-06-12 15:41:11
3 written reviews on imdb all 10/10 and all have only 1 review ever made.
2022-06-10 11:38:21
Really like Minx! Thankyou! :_love
2022-06-10 02:53:44
Good to see some tv shows try a new setting not done to oblivion. Too bad only 1 season. Thanks for the up! :_love
2022-06-09 22:26:40
Thx B0NE! May your uploads never end! :_love
2022-06-09 22:22:12
Quite the Allstars-Cast. Thanks! :_love
2022-06-09 10:51:33
Great movie. Thankyou so much!
2022-06-09 10:44:51
The "hc" subs for when the natives speak are cropped out, so you cant see them. The english srts dont seem to have it either. Its in the german and maybe other language subs tho
2022-06-08 16:24:36
Prolly better to get the version by pretorianpp since its got english audio and other languages too ;) But i would have totally not seen his up without this one so THANKS! :_love
2022-06-08 09:45:24
Thanks for the upload :_love Best film of the year This movie actually made me feel something, unlike anything else I have really seen this year or lately. I thought some parts were cheesy, but still definately worth watching. I don't know...
2022-06-08 08:48:33
Looks like it has pretty high production values, but more aimed at kids or teens. Might check it out, thx! :_pirate
2022-06-08 08:23:23
Thx! Sounds interesting. Love movies that give me new insights and challenge my own beliefs :) From IMDB... I finally managed to persuade my whole family and 6 of my friends to come to the theatre to watch the film (I had to buy the tickets mys...
2022-06-08 08:05:38
Thanks for your putting your awesome editing skills at work! :_love
2022-06-03 16:34:16
Thanks for the fast upload of first 3 episodes :) But man the first 15 minutes of ep1 were so weird. Did they half budget again or this season?
2022-06-03 02:31:47
Thanks :) :_love Great show. Its about farmers in australia making certain products, like essential oils, or growing mushrooms in an abandoned railroad tunnel, making cheeses and a world award winning vodka from whey and living their dream.
2022-06-02 10:44:15
One imdb review: ."I am calling it right now Wahlberg is getting an Oscar nomination for his role as Father Stu ." For six years, Wahlberg had been so driven to tell the story of Father Stu that he self-financed the movie. He said he spe...
2022-05-29 23:46:14
Who lives life to the fullest every day? That seems quite hard to do and just a pinterest/insta quote. If you eat crap foods you will feel bad and get sick more often so hard to live to your fullest then, and just because you love mcdonalds and ...
2022-05-28 07:44:08
Tyvm! Final two episodes already for S01.
2022-05-27 02:12:01
Post preview
[quote=RedBaron58] It's not compulsory to give an opinion on what you watched, but if you do that's fine. Please don't flame this thread by making this a requirement [/quote] I jus...
2022-07-06 07:16:30
[quote=Mafketel] [center] [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=
2022-07-04 22:47:55
People got so hyped for Bitcoin when it was $60k, $50k, same with ETH for $4800, but now they are $18k/$1k, nobody is interested. I do think there might be more bloodbath so probably not bad to wait o...
2022-07-03 02:45:05
Thread feels a bit like apocalyptic zombie end of the world where people just spam lists of stuff without emotion or comment lol Anyone watched The Terminal List yet? Thoughts? On imdb its still ve...
2022-07-03 00:47:20
[quote=B4ND1T69] I was watching bitcoin all day y/day:_facepalm:_pacman:_:O...what a nightmare for investors:_8)...plunging down to just a tiny bit above it's lowest ever before rallying slightl...
2022-06-27 07:03:17
Devils Season 1+2 [torrent=14048168] [torrent=14847709] Thriller about the financial markets/investment banks. I couldnt get in it at first but really enjoyed it now. The 2nd Season was good in...
2022-06-21 15:01:37
I hear GPU cards now sell under retail from the recent gigantic crypto crash. Bitcoin down from $68k to $20k. I still would suggest buying some if you dont have any. Even if its just 0,1 or 0,01 or...
2022-06-20 15:43:59
When the drive is connected you should be able to pick it as first boot device in BIOS.
2022-06-17 09:01:02
Was hoping for The Old Man trailer, which is probably going to be the best show of the year, thought it would have been out already. Also was there no new season of American Greed yet or is that too u...
2022-06-14 16:47:50
Thanks man but I am aware of "/Index of" since like a decade or more,I doubt too many still have ftp sites up or self-host w4r3z lol what I mean when searching for ebooks is like smaller sit...
2022-06-12 19:16:05
[quote=MadWatchdog] [size=4][color=orange][b] Dark Winds [/b][/color][/size] [/quote] Some big names in this, saw it was upped should be good. Thanks :_g...
2022-06-12 15:38:24
So this seems to become worse day by day to find [s]good[/s] results with google because I guess they have an algo which deranks any filesharing sites so you get completely different results than what...
2022-06-10 12:37:30
[quote=Paul] Columbo [/quote] [torrent=14874967] Theres also a 229GB pack on 1337x Columbo (1968) Season 1-10 S01-S10 + Specials (1080p BluRay x265 HEVC 10bit AC3 2.0 Silence) [QxR]
2022-06-10 12:11:26
[quote=miok] [size=4][color=red][b]EU Piracy Rates are the Highest Among Well Educated Youth[/b][/color][/size] [/quote] Thats because piracy is the future! :D :_party :_pirate
2022-06-09 22:14:44
Quite a few people stuck on this torrent at 61% probably for some time. [torrent=14567047] So the display of 8 seeders seems false. If anyone still has it, highly appreciated if you could help o...
2022-06-09 11:28:04
Tried to leave user review for prolover but it would not let me: [quote]Thank you a ton for making these adfree versions and really doing an amazing job, I never even notice the blur but you are do...
2022-06-08 10:12:59
So good news has become quite rare as everyone just prefers to mindlessly distract themselves or prefers clicking on all the fear porn news...... So i just wanted to share this. [quote] NYC Cancer ...
2022-06-06 19:15:09
Well, you havent said why you like The Boys Season 3. It seems to have become a political discussion anyways (looking at IMDB people either giving it 1/10 or 10/10 lol), but I just thought its pure ga...
2022-06-05 13:06:51
[youtube][/youtube] [torrent=1079186]
2022-06-05 09:25:37
[youtube][/youtube] [torrent=14260200]
2022-06-05 09:25:14
This is for old, but gold 90s (or 80s, or even early 2000s) movies that were great fun,so like comedy, or just generally fun to watch, or any other area you feel worthwhile mentioned.Can also be tv se...
2022-06-05 09:18:32
They ruined the Boys. Season 1 was awesome. Season 2 wasn't as epic, but still watchable. Season 3... absolute GARBAGE. Horrible storyline - or should I say "storylineS" (way too...
2022-06-05 04:18:29
[quote=miok] [center][size=4][color=orange][b]Mega Reports Surge in Copyright Takedown Requests[/b][/color][/size] [/center] [/quote] Of course. Netflix down 70%, economy down, inflation, must ...
2022-06-02 11:07:37
[torrent=14876709] This was a great show. Its about farmers in australia making certain products, like essential oils, or growing mushrooms in an abandoned railroad tunnel, making cheeses and a wor...
2022-06-02 10:43:05
[quote=LeftistDirtBag] Sorry but Night Sky's first 2 episodes boring[/quote] They leave you room for your own thoughts, which I love. Most modern tv shows just occupy your mind and overwhel...
2022-06-01 22:22:11
The classic japanese Cryptocurrency is Monacoin. Maybe some day it will rise like Bitcoin or Doge but probably not since it uses old mining algo. This one seems like a cashgrab to get funding? I...
2022-06-01 22:17:18
Alias Smith and Jones. A western show from 1971 about two "good" Outlaws.Love how calming it is to view these unlike some modern shows that switch camera every 0,5 seconds. Also just got ...
2022-06-01 10:26:09
[spoiler=Attempting the pizza puzzle]Well I guess the 2nd got more shrooms and more cheese?? Lol[/spoiler]
2022-05-30 05:42:25
I dont know if it was known or if its the right thread (I saw a thread with a Renewed and Cancelled list and thought its this one but may be wrong) but True Detective is getting another season. They d...
2022-05-28 14:39:25
[quote=MadWatchdog] [size=4][color=orange][b] Also releasing Distant A Chiara Zero Contact A Taste of Whale Dinner in America Rite of The Shaman [/b][/color][/size] [/quote] Hopefully ...
2022-05-26 18:03:28

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